Delaware Physician- FAQ

Office Visits

Q. Why is it necessary to fill out all of these papers?
A. We understand that it can feel like you have too many papers to fill out when you visit the doctor. We try to take some of the pressure out of this process by making the forms available to you ahead of time on our website and patient portal. We collect this information to make sure your medical record is complete with all of your health, medication, insurance and contact information so that we can take care of you in the best way possible. Some of the paperwork is required by government agencies. We encourage you to complete the Patient Registration Forms and Medical History Forms ahead of time. This will reduce your wait time, make your visit flow more smoothly, and allow us to focus more on you rather than your paperwork when we see you in the office. These forms are available for you to print out on the Forms section of this website Home Page.
Q. Why do I have to be seen by the doctor to have my precription renewed?
A. Doctors are required to see you in the office at least every year to evaluate whether or not the medication they have prescribed for you is still appropriate and needed for your condition. In between your yearly office visits, we can usually renew medications that Dr. Mackler has prescribed for you by phone or electronic prescription. Please be sure to provide us with the name of your pharmacy and keep us informed of any changes.

Endoscopy Procedure Preparation

Q. Is it important to let the nurses and doctors know about any medications, vitamins, herbal products or supplements that I take?
A. Yes. You should always include any vitamins, herbal products, supplements, and over the counter medications in your list of medications. The reason for this is that some of these products can affect your body's blood clotting mechanism. It is very possible that the doctor will be removing a polyp or taking a biopsy of the inside of your intestinal tract during your procedure. When a polyp is removed or a biopsy is taken, the underlying tissue may bleed briefly, then a clot will form stopping the bleeding. Some medications and supplements interfere with the body's ability to form a clot putting you at increased risk of bleeding during or after your procedure. It is best to let the staff know ahead of time what medications and supplements you take so they can advise you when to stop taking them in preparation for your procedure.
Q. Do I have a choice of where I have my procedure performed?
A. Yes. Dr. Mackler can do your procedure at the Seaford Endoscopy Center or in the Nanticoke Hospital Outpatient Department. Things for you to consider may be choosing a facility that will accommodate your schedule and accept your insurance.


Q. How much does a colonoscopy or an upper endoscopy cost at the Seaford Endoscopy Center
A. The Center has a set charge for a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy for all patients. The Center, doctor, anesthesiologist, and pathology lab all bill separately. Each of these providers will always bill your insurance company for payment related to your procedure. The portion of your bill that you will be responsible for paying depends on the type of insurance you have and whether you have any unmet insurance deductibles or co-pays. Prior to your procedure we will inform you of any co-pays and deductibles you have and what we expect your out-of-pocket cost (patient responsibility) to be to the best of our knowledge. You may also obtain this information by calling the Customer Service phone number on the back of your insurance card. We are required to collect co-pays at the time of your appointment. We would also like to receive a commitment from you to pay all or part of your deductible at the time of your procedure. Our Accounts Manager is available to assist you with any billing questions you have. You may reach her through the patient portal or by calling 629-2536.

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