Gastroenterology- Services

Consultation and Diagnosis

Abdominal pain
Change in bowel patterns: diarrhea and constipation
Rectal bleeding
Heartburn and reflux
Problems swallowing
Excessive gas and difficulty controlling bowels
Concerns about liver function
Gall bladder problems: Dr. Mackler is the only area physician who can perform invasive diagnostic procedures to diagnose gall bladder problems

Colon Cancer Screening

First time screening for colon cancer
Ongoing screening and follow-up screening

Treatment and Long-term Management of Chronic Bowel Diseases

Advanced treatment options for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis
Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Prevention of Esophageal Cancer

Screening for esophageal cancer (Barrett's Esophagus)

Treatment of Hepatitis C

Individualized treatment plan with the most advanced medications available

Oupatient Procedures

Dr. Mackler performs diagnositic procedures in a convenient outpatient center, Seaford Endoscopy Center. See links.
Upper Endoscopy to visualize the esophagus and stomach
Colonoscopy to visualize the colon
Capsule Endoscopy of the Small Intestine

In-Hospital Consultations and Treatments

Dr. Mackler is on staff at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital and can see you while you are in the hospital to manage your gastrointestinal care
Dr. Mackler also schedules procedures at the hospital when needed

Serving: Delaware- Cambridge MD, Denton MD, Dover DE, Easton MD, Federalsburg MD, Georgetown DE, Harrington DE, Laurel DE, Milford DE, Milllsboro DE, Rehoboth DE, Salisbury MD, Seaford DE, Southern Delaware, Sussex County

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